Terms & Conditions for Sellers

Only genuine branded items will be accepted. No fakes or counterfeit goods will be sold. Please contact us if you are in any doubt over the suitability of any items. A list of our accepted brands can be found here.

Items should generally be under 2 years old.

Once we have accepted garments for re-sale, we can value them together or use our own discretion.  We take items for a period of 8-10 weeks. We always start items in the shop at the full price, but to secure sales we may use our discretion at any time to reduce items in price. The commission you receive will be no lower than the minimum valuation.

Your items will be placed for sale in the shop and certain items online which has the benefit of targeting a worldwide audience.  If your garment does sell, we will pay you 50% of the sale value after any external fees. As a result of the need to remain competitive to secure sales, the commission you receive will be no lower than the minimum valuation if your item sells online anytime within the 8-10 week period.

You can email, telephone or call in at any time to check the progress of your garments.

At the end of the 8-10 week period, we will always contact you to come and collect your items. Alternatively we can donate any unsold items to charity for you. You will have 4 weeks from the date we contact you for you to collect unsold items. In the event items are not collected after 4 weeks, they will be donated to charity.

We do not notify clients when items are sold, if you wish to find out about the progress of your items please contact us or call in to the shop.

In the unlikely event of damage occurring to clothing as a result of unforeseen circumstances (fire, flood etc.) all clothing is covered by insurance and payments will be made at the time of insurance settlement.

In the event of an item being returned after commission has been paid out, the item will become the property of Designer Dressing Room.

We accept Autumn / Winter stock from 1st September and Spring / Summer stock from 1st March.

Monday to Wednesday Appointment Only
Thursday/Friday 11am – 5.30pm
Saturday 11am – 4pm
Sunday  Closed